The international community, through numerous projects, actively works in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of the Public Administration Reform. Experience from other countries of Central and Eastern Europe show that the road to the EU membership imposes enormous demands to the public administration. In order to ease and quicken the process of the reform, the international community, through different donors, provided significant funds for public administration reform. Donors direct the assistance to accomplishment of particular objectives of the reform in order to reach in the end the final objective – the public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina which functions in accordance with the best practice of the European Union.

Donors implementing projects from the area of public administration reform in BiH are: Delegation of the European Union, Department for International Development (DfID), Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, the USAID, the UNDP, the SIGMA, the World Bank, the OSCE and others. Projects being implemented encompass wide spectrum of activities directed to improvement of the public administration on central, entity and local level.

Below is an overview of the projects by donors, with the main information on the projects which are, directly or indirectly connected with the Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Europsa komisija UNDP

British Embassy