In accordance with the Conclusion of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (April 2015), the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, in the capacity of the line coordinating institution for the sector Democracy and Governance, coordinated the draft of the sector planning document for programming of the IPA-e II: Sector planning document for democracy and governance.

The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, also in the capacity of the sector coordinating institution and in cooperation with the NIPAC office, participates in the process of IPA II programming (IPA 2015, IPA 2016, IPA 2017), and especially in those activities that are directly linked with the subsector Public Administration Reform within the sector Democracy and Governance.


IPA II is the new instrument of pre-accession assistance for the candidate countries and potential candidate countries for membership in the EU. It applies to a seven-year budget period 2014 – 2020. Financial assistance within the IPA II will be available in all policy areas, regardless whether the country has a status of a candidate or potential candidate. Policy areas are divided in the following manner:

  1. Reforms during preparation for membership in the EU and building of institutions and capacities related with that;
  2. Socio-economic and regional development;
  3. Employment, social policies, education, promotion of gender equality and human resources development;
  4. Agricultural and rural development;
  5. Regional and territorial cooperation.

The Framework Agreement represents a basis for use of the funds of the IPA II (2014 – 2020). It is being closed between the European Commission and the IPA II beneficiary country, defining the principles of financial cooperation between the beneficiaries and the Commission within the said implementation regulation. The Framework Agreement IPA II between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Commission entered into force on 24 August 2015.

Indicative Strategic Document for IPA II for Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014 – 2017) was adopted by the European Commission on 15 December 2014, and it defined priorities for the EU financial assistance in the period 2014 – 2017 for support to BiH in its path of accession to the EU. Indicative strategic document is a document of the European Commission, prepared in consultation with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sectors included in the Indicative Strategic Document for a possible IPA II support are:

  1. Democracy and governance
  1. Rule of law and fundamental rights
  2. Competition and innovation: strategies of local development
  1. Education, employment and social policies.