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At the session of the Peace Implementation Council in March 2003, governments in BiH adopted the document ‘’Public Administration Reform-our programme” which identified that public administration in BiH does not satisfy the needs of the citizens and that in order to fulfil the euro integration conditions, BiH needs to strengthen the existing administrative capacities. Feasibility Study for the beginning of the negotiations on the Stabilisation and Association Agreement as well contained the significant part of the questions on the public administration and gave the recommendation for establishment of the body which would coordinate the public administration reform in BiH.
Direct connection between public administration reform in BiH and integration in the EU is confirmed by the Madrid Criteria for the EU membership as well, which stipulate that its future member must have an administrative capability for the implementation of the Acquis Communautaire. The pace of the integration of BiH in the EU will largely depend on how fast the professional and efficient public administration will be established. That includes rising of the level of understanding of the process of the euro-integration, especially of the understanding of the obligations from future contract obligations of BiH and the EU, as well as the quality coordination between the ministries on all the levels in BiH. In that area, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office and the Directorate for the European Integrations closely cooperate.
Creation of stabile, efficient and professional public administration is both the challenge and the opportunity at the same time for expediting the process of europeisation of BiH. Reformed public administration is also one of the six key criteria of the European Partnership, document which defines short-term and long-term priorities in preparations for the integration in the EU.
Harmonization of the BiH legislation with the European standards is very significant and big task for our country. But equally important and complex is the implementation of such legislation as well, possible only through strengthened, professional and efficient public administration.